Society and Uncertainty

The commodity we offer is known as ‘security’. The demand that we attempt to meet with it arises from ‘insecurity’. Progressive Insurance Company Ltd www.progressiveic.com is a local insurance Company specializing in General Insurance for more than 25 years.

As a local independent insurance company we are dedicated into assisting you in the time of need . We live and work right in your community and we are always available to assist. Fortunately emergencies do not happen every day, but when they do we are here to personally see you through for home, car, business insurance and a lot more… Despite the economic crisis the world is going through, we have sticked to our values and procedures for fair and quick handling of claims. Our reliability is confirmed by the amount we paid for claims throughout the years.

One of the top companies in Cyprus for Claims

Claims service is important since we can take the worry out of insurance claims with no problem protection though Progressive Insurance. As one of the top companies in Cyprus for claim service you will enjoy a quick and fair settlement of your personal or business loss, in fact we are known as the 'no problem people', because service is our claim to fame…. The customer satisfaction survey which was conducted recently proves that our customers trust and believe in our company . In the question asked 'How reliable do you believe Progressive Insurance is?', 95,2% answered 'very reliable'. The fair and quick processing of claims is our guideline. We are proud because we have been established as a Reliable & Honest power in the insurance market of Cyprus.


We are proud to be the first insurance company that was certified Management System, Quality (CYS EN ISO 9001:2000) and The Environmental Management System (CYSEN 150 14001:2004) by the Cyprus Certification Company (CSC) .

The Quality Management System (CYS EN ISO 9001:2000) demonstrates the commitment of our company to provide high quality insurance programs and the successful response to the claims of policyholders in a competitive and changing environment.

The Environmental Management System (CYSEN 150 14001:2004) shows our awareness in environmental issues for the proper management of environmental resources for future generations.


  • Providing safety and security to our customers by introducing comprehensive tailor made insurance programs.
  • Developing insurance programs that are friendly, dynamic, flexible and competitive, revolving always around the customers' everyday needs.
  • To always be close and personal to our customers in case of need, ensuring prompt and fair payment of compensations.
  • To provide our customers excellent and professional service.

Progressive Insurance has solid roots dating as far back as 1974, as a Cyprus agency of International Insurance Companies

Since 1991, Progressive continues to expand the decades of expertise in the insurance industry and know how, at the same time having insurance contacts around the globe and facilitating locally specialized insurance needs from underwriting, claim and loss adjusting.